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Sub Surface Utility Engineering (SUE) Survey/ Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) Survey.

Ridings is using SUE (Sub-Surface Utilities Engineering) survey process using GPR & EML Technology in combination of quality levels QL-D, QL-C, QL-B, & QL-A as per standard of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) standard ASCE 38-02/ PAS-128 (European Standard) for Underground Utilities Detection and Mapping. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the most advanced technology available for sub-surface utility investigations and concrete structure scanning. Here at RCE we use it to “see” into the ground and inside of concrete structures to locate utilities, objects, and cracks. These are hidden potential dangers that can seriously impact our client projects should they remain undetected. The risk is too great when a plastic gas or water pipe may be missed by conventional old-school locators. RCE utilizes the latest antenna configurations that are optimized for sub-surface utility investigations. They are designed and manufactured for this specific purpose.

Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial database development (GIS & Mapping Solution)

Geographic Information System (GIS) is among the most exciting and powerful Geomatics decision-making tools in the world. We use computer technology to integrate, manipulate and display a wide range of information to create a picture of an area's geography, environment and socio-economic characteristics. We start by using a computerized topographic geodatabase and then add GIS overlays and integrate graphic and textual information even from separate geodatabases. The end result is a customized and reliable tool that can support decision-making and problem solving, and provide almost instantaneous answers to complex spatial questions. We offer GIS and mapping solutions in water resource management, urban and rural mapping, utility mapping and database development, mapping of infrastructure, among others. This is achieved through integration of methodologies e.g. satellite imagery, ground surveying methods, GPR etc.

Geospatial -Marketing consulting and planning

Geo-marketing is the integration of location based intelligence into various aspects of marketing, including sales, planning and distribution. Geographic parameters are used in marketing research methodology, including from sampling, data collection, analysis, and presentation. Our Geo-marketing Services include routing, territorial planning, and site selection etc. Our expertise Centre’s on the analysis and documentation of users' requirements and GIS ideals; whether on a project, departmental or enterprise-wide scale. The design and planning stages of GIS development are crucial to success, both from a technical viewpoint and in terms of the cost efficiency of the entire scheme. We will analyse your business workflow, information requirements and current capability, and then recommend the optimum GIS solution to improve the way you do business or provide services. We also help to 'spatially enable' your existing computer applications. As part of orientation to the system, we conduct user workshops, in data evaluation and analysis, definition and analytical functions, institutional planning, cost/benefit analysis and cost recovery strategies. Geoinformation training, seminars and needs assessment are also offered under this section.

Training (GIS/ AutoCAD/ Arc Suite/ GPR/ EPL & DGPS/Total Station)

In order to narrow the huge gap between demand and availability of GIS professionals, RCE is keen to offer job oriented short term and long term training programs handled by industry experts with decades of experience. RCE imparts special training to students hence educating them to negotiate through the applied aspects of GIS and Remote Sensing and emerging real world problems of various kinds faced by the industries and the society on both the technological and environmental fronts. RCE is committed to provide and increase awareness of GIS and modeling tools for improving competition and business potential.

Bathymetric/Hydrographic Survey

Bathymetric or Hydrographic are both terms referring to submarine topography and are sometimes used interchangeably. Bathymetry is the foundation of the science of hydrography, which measures the physical features of a water body. Hydrography includes not only bathymetry, but also the shape and features of the shoreline, the characteristics of tides, currents, and waves, and the physical and chemical properties of the water itself. The Company has been providing Bathymetric heights, river bed profiling/ cross-section for generation of the Hydrographic model.

Lidar Mapping Services

LiDAR is an advanced mapping solution that incorporates the most advanced LiDAR sensors, cameras, and position/navigation/GPS receivers to collect survey-grade 3D point cloud data quickly and accurately. The process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile vehicle, typically fitted with a LiDAR remote sensing systems. Such systems are composed of an integrated array of time synchronized navigation sensors (survey grade DGPS) and imaging sensors mounted on a mobile platform. Although the company knows where with all for Lidar mapping, it has provided only Static Lidar Mapping services in Saudi to ARMCO.

Land surveying and Geospatial Data (Digital & large Scale Geospatial Data)

This includes cadastral, topographical and engineering surveying. This is an aspect of spatial measurements, representation, analysis, retrieval and display of spatial data concerning both the Earth's physical features and the built environment.

Geographic Information Systems for Utilities (Power, Water & Telecom)

Utility mapping is the process of accurately surveying and plotting the position and depth of the detected utilities. Utility designing is the process of accurately creating and developing the identified utility components such as electricity, gas, water, communications, sewers and drainage. At Ridings, we provide ‘risk free’ designing and mapping solution for the underground utilities using Ground Penetrating Radar, Electro Magnetic Locator (EML), and DGPS & Electronic Total Stations. Underground Utility construction and installations is problematic and risk prone for project owners, designers, engineers and primarily the contractors for construction projects takes place in areas where a concentration of underground utilities already exists. We have a full strength capability of delivering all type of network and supply distribution systems and schemes. We also accomplish the preparation of detailed drawings and project report. We believe in optimizing the utilization of user’s assets using latest GIS technologies.