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Consumer Indexing (CI) is a method for enumerating the total number of consumers in a utility and tagging them to their respective POPs, Distribution networks etc.
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CI is basically undertaken to identify revenue leakages by way of consumers who are not being billed, billed but under improper category, and so forth. The end result of CI is twofold:
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Consumer survey of Sri Ganganagar

  • Identification of revenue leakages
  • Generation of up to date master list of consumers

Ridings have proficiency in conducting C.I. and developing G.I.S based network-mapping application to enable efficient transfer of accurate information of all the customers and network assets deployed. We carry do this by mapping and creating geodatabase of Customers and Network Assets. Later G.I.S application maybe developed integrating the consumer and network data on basis of client demand.

One of our consumer survey project which was conducting by R.U.I.D.P was for providing integrated filter water supply connection and sewerage connection to consumer in Sri Ganganagar. In the beginning raw data was provided to us in the form of a satellite image which covered the designate boundary, we had to first digitize all possible assets to start our next step i.e. of surveying. Following the digitization, in this project we performed complete consuVous ne pouvez pas manquer cette réplique montre breitling par cher chine. Tous les modèles les plus vendus sont en stock.Pilot's, Aquatimer, Da Vinci, Portugieser et etc. Ce site propose les iwc répliques qualité aaa avec des mouvements suisses.mer survey by reaching door to door and created a Geo Database by linking the consumer details with earlier digitized database. This successfully created a relation between utility database of specific region and consumer data for the same area.

Consumer survey of Sri Ganganagar