Our Projects


Ridings firmly believes that the foundation of a successful Geographic Information System is accurate and reliable data. Thus, we use the finest possible technologies to create, assemble, and validate G.I.S-ready data. Regardless of your application, natural resources, utilities, urban planning, land use, soils, roads, or others, we can assist you in creating reliable G.I.S data. Our years of experience in data services and operations and our sensitivity to customer needs assure the highest standards in data development.
Ridings has built an extensive set-up for data conversion of large volumes of paper maps and drawings to digital format with short turn-around times.
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  • We have proven expertise in Map product ion and analysis (G.I.S Mapping).
  • We provide services for automated mapping/facilities management (AM/FM) along with Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) data conversion, data processing and data migration services.
  • We leverage extensive domain knowledge and data expertise to develop high quality, cost effective solutions specific to its clients' needs.
  • Ridings delivers total system solutions that provide outstanding value by applying our innovative approaches, skilled people and disciplined processes.
  • Delivers value and innovation across the geospatial lifecycle.
  • Provide value added solutions and services not restricted to a single platform and multiple output formats.
  • Our specialized services include conversion between software data formats, transformation between map projections and datum, manipulation of data, image mosaicking and color balancing.
  • We Deliver G.I.S based outputs and services for:
  • System Design and Architecture.
  • Database Design and Development.
  • Application Development (G.I.S Mapping and G.I.S Remote Sensing).
  • G.I.S Mapping User Training and Support.
  • 3D Modeling and Visualization for G.I.S Mapping Products and G.I.S Remote Sensing Products.