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Data migration requires moving of existing digital data from one platform and/or format into the target G.I.S platform and/or format. Existing database information can be linked to G.I.S graphic features unique identifiers and customized software used to bulk load G.I.S attribute data. Commercial and customized migration software can also be used to translate/migrate data between various G.I.S formats and operating system platforms.
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Elements of Data Migration:

  • Migration of existing digital data to the target G.I.S
  • Bulk loading existing database attribution using automated data entry techniques
  • Translation between various G.I.S data formats.
  • Migration between various operating system platforms.

Ridings offers to receive a client’s current G.I.S data in any format, process it and deliver it back in the specified format. As the G.I.S industry has matured, organizations are soliciting services to migrate their data from one G.I.S model to another. Ridings helps its customers leverage geospatial technology and data to improve the way they do business. Based on the conversion matrix and the required functionality of the new system, Ridings modifies existing tools and processes to migrate the data.

  • We provide professional support at all stages of the data conversion, migration and maintenance process.
  • We understand existing legacy data management practices better than anyone else.
  • Develop applications to migrate data from various source platform to at target enterprise G.I.S platform.
  • Develop an enterprise G.I.S data model for the target system.
  • Develop the data migration matrix that will map each destination data requirement to a source data.