Geo-marketing is the integration of location based intelligence into various aspects of marketing, including sales, planning and distribution. Geographic parameters are used for marketing, research methodology for same including from sampling, data collection, analysis, and presentation are done keeping in mind these parameters. The design and planning stages of G.I.S development are crucial to success, both from a technical viewpoint and in terms of the cost efficiency of the entire scheme. Geo-Marketing Services include routing, territorial planning, and site selection etc. 
Our expertise pivots on the analysis and documentation of user requirement and G.I.S ideals; with various organization scales in mind. Along with helping to 'spatially enable' your existing computer applications. We carefully induct your people into the new system, as a part of a step-by-step orientation process. This process includes user workshops in data evaluation and analysis, cost/benefit analysis etc. Geo-information training, seminars and needs assessment are also offered under this section.
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