Sub Surface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) Survey/ Ground-penetrating radar (G.P.R.) Survey. 
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Ridings is using S.U.E. survey process by means of G.P.R. & E.M.L. (Electro Magnetic Locator) technologies in combination. This is done to attain quality levels QL-D, QL-C, QL-B, & QL-A under ASCE 38-02 standard of American Society of Civil Engineers & PAS-128 of European Standard given for underground utilities detection and mapping. Ground Penetrating Radar (G.P.R.) is the most advanced technology available for sub-surface utility investigations and concrete structure scanning. At Ridings we use G.P.R. to create underground pictures of concrete structures to locate utilities, objects, and cracks. These maybe potential hidden dangers, that can seriously impact our client’s project if they remain undetected. The risk is too 
great when a plastic gas or water pipe may be missed by conventional old-school locators. To solve this R.C.E. utilizes the latest antenna configurations that are optimized for sub-surface utility & investigations. These antennas are designed and manufactured for this specific purpose.

Utility Survey, Mapping & Water Leak Detection (Power, Telecom, Water, Sewer & Gas)

Utility mapping is the process of accurately surveying and plotting the position and depth of the detected utilities. Utility designing is the process of accurately creating and developing the identified utility components such as electricity, gas, water, communications, sewers and drainage.

We provide ‘risk free’ designing and mapping solution for the underground utilities using Ground Penetrating Radar, Electro Magnetic Locator (EML), and DGPS & Electronic Total Stations. Underground Utility construction and installations is problematic and risk prone for project owners, designers, engineers and primarily the contractors for construction projects takes place in areas where a concentration of underground utilities already exists.

We have a full strength capability of delivering all type of network and supply distribution systems and schemes. We also accomplish the preparation of detailed drawings and project report. We believe in optimizing the utilization of user’s assets using GIS technologies.

Electric distribution Utility Networking

Our technical team has strong background domain experience to meet the needs of today's utility industry. We have continuously done work to convert overhead utilities into underground. Electric utility data editing, capturing & attribute validating the network based on stated validation rules.

  • Data model designing
  • Perform analysis of network data.
  • Network clean up as per placement rule
  • Validating the network based on stated validation rules
  • Create an error free electric flow model to use with outage management
  • Develop custom tools and quality control.

Water distribution Utility Networking (leak detection)

We design and develop data representation for collection of objects, feature classes and attribute defined for water and waste water distribution networks. We have good understanding of the correct topology rules associated with the water network mapping on creation of Water as a utility Mains, Valves, Hydrants, Meters, Tanks etc. which assists us in offering high quality output in limited period of time. With our experience we have been able to put on ground a method of leak detection in case of water lines and prove it with on ground QC and testing.

Water Distribution Utility Network Configuration includes:
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  • Geometric Network Editing and Analysis
  • Configuration instructions, Data Model design
  • Schema for common water distribution components
  • Rules to define network behavior
  • Configuring and publishing the utility network services

Gas Utility data conversion:

Our technical team has background domain experience to meet the needs of today's utility industry. We have provided data in this domain not just in India but abroad as well.

  • Data model design
  • Gas utility data capturing/migration
  • Perform analysis of network data
  • Network clean up as per placement rule
  • Develop custom tools and quality control