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Topography of a place is its landscape, geography and countryside, a topographic survey is the delineation of horizontal and/or vertical locations of the existing natural or man-made features of a portion of the earth’s surface, subsurface or airspace. It is also a graphic representation of the results of such delineation, in other words it can be shape of a plot or the features found on it.
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Topographic survey of Hanumangarh

Topographical Surveys are carried out to effectively utilize the land for development of a project. Survey data shows the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations and grading features for architects, engineers, and building contractors. Location and elevations of utilities is often an important part of a topographic survey. Ridings tries to get a clear understanding of which utilities are to be located and what information on each utility is to be shown.
“Topographic survey of Hanumangarh” is one of our topographic survey project which is running under R.U.I.D.P.. This project is for fabricating integrated water supply and sewerage network. In this project we performed complete topographic survey along with contour, Structural level, Canal level, levels for pumping station/STP/WTP etc. we did all these activities with the reference of GTS Benchmark. 

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