In order to narrow the huge gap between demand and availability of G.I.S professionals, R.C.E. is keen to offer job oriented short term and long term training programs in G.I.S/ AutoCAD/ Arc Suite/ G.P.R/ E.P.L & D.G.P.S/Total Station. These have been carefully constructed for industry needs and are handled by our industry experts with decades of experience. 
R.C.E. imparts special training to students hence educating them to negotiate through the applied aspects of G.I.S and Remote Sensing and emerging real world problems of various kinds faced by the industries and the society on both the technological and environmental fronts. 
R.C.E. is committed to provide and increase, awareness of G.I.S and its modeling tools for improving competition and business potential. We strive to develop a critical understanding of appropriate tools, exposure to new methods and techniques, gaining competence in developing tools for the acquisition, processing, transformation, analysis, modelling, storage and presentation of spatial data. Using geo-information in identifying and responding to development problems and in drafting development policies. 
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Salient Features

  • To generate graphics, make them intelligent and structure data bases.
  • To plan, design, develop, implement, monitor, update and upgrade systems for G.I.S
  • To scan, capture, store, analyze and manage large collection of topographic maps, photographs, plans and engineering drawings etc. in digital form through to the creation of spatial databases.
  • To convert map data from raster to vector, between different formats and the Indian.
  • National Standard format of Survey of India, from one projection to the other and even from one Geodetic Datum to the other.
  • Digital Terrain Modelling in 3-D, spatial analysis and production.
  • Digital Data Generation through Mass Digitization using scanners, doing screen digitization using Semi­ automatic digital techniques and photogrammetric techniques.
  • Digital Data Integration, Warping, Edge Matching, Updating and Overlaying Capabilities.
  • To carry out geospatial product generation for standard, value added derivative and specialized Digital Cartographic Products.
  • Geo-Database Structuring, Modification and Access capabilities.
  • Modernization of Cadastra and Computerization of land records using digital techniques.
  • G.I.S Mapping and Ground Surveys for Land use planning for urban area specially for municipalities using GPS in DGPS mode and Total Stations.
  • G.I.S Mapping and Ground Surveys for towns, tunnel alignment, canals, pipelines, Power Transmission Lines and for Feasibility Studies for roads, express highways and National Highways.
  • Digital Data Generation through Mass Digitization using scanners, doing screen digitization using Semi­ automatic digital techniques and photogrammetric techniques.
  • Integration and updating with Aerial Photographs and satellite based SPOT, TM, IRS- IC, IKONOS, Quick bird Data specially for urban development.
  • Networking and communication set up.
  • Consultancy Services for any of the above operations. Site Development and System Procurement Services.
  • Cartographic Work, G.I.S Application Development including Land Base Data Model and Electrical Networking G.I.S
  • Offering Cartographic Services for Global Street Mapping.
  • Roads and village Geo Database for India.
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On completion of the course, participants are able to:

  • Analyze geo-information problems encountered in professional practice and develop appropriate methods for studying and/or solving the problems.
  • Apply appropriate methods for collecting, acquiring and verifying spatial data.
  • Use geo-information science and earth observation technology to generate, integrate, analyse and visualise spatial data.
  • Evaluate and apply relevant and appropriate methods and models for data analysis and problem solving.
  • Apply practical skills to carry out an independent final assignment (pilot project).
  • All this is under the umbrella of “Ridings Institute of Geomatics” registered in Uttrakhand, India. We have provided training to 120 Engineers successfully.