About Us


Our strategic vision is to support customers and to work closely with them, as an imbedded team. Whatever may be the size of your business our aim is to make the customer feel they have a resilient support from our side. R.C.E. INDIA LTD helps to create new prospects and tries to expand your value with innovate solutions. The idea behind working close to our customers is a mission to craft benefits for all involved parties. It creates a short line of communication and the time between conceiving an idea and executing a project is cut short.

The goal is matching your objectives with the best technical, cost-effective, and long-term strategy for your company. R.C.E. INDIA LTD aims to attend the financial needs of clients. All of our Geospatial and Surveying services are performed in a timely manner to fit into project timelines and business expectations. Along with time management we concentrate on designing practical, feasible and usable interfaces which in due course can be scaled up. This work ethic grouped with expertise of our technical staff, allows us to solve problems resourcefully and give better ROIs to our clients. Using our industry leading volume of G.I.S. & survey equipment, coupled with technology at our disposal we deliver high-end solutions based on our in-depth understanding of various domains.

We value long-term client relationships that allow us to use our technological skills to positively influence client outcomes, helping them maximize their success. We are also committed for collaboration and partnerships, it is because of this commitment that we have been able to setup and manage things independently internationally. Our collaboration outside India is based on our motto of Global thinking and Universal Outlook i.e. our thinking since inception has been what is now called being “Global”. This foresight to have a holistic approach has helped us create a footprint in the industry in all working areas of the field not just in India but abroad as well.